'What I want is to remind people that human beings are part of natural history.''--More Real

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Just Imagine

The War Between the States may be over for the rest of the country, but not for Kit Weston.

Just Like a Movie Level 1 Beginner/Elementary Book with Audio CD Pack

But Brad’s plan doesn’t go quite as he hoped and he discovers that real life doesn’t always have a happy ending. Contains a paperback and Audio CD with complete text recordings from the book.

I Just Forgot (Little Critter)

Little Critter’s forgetfulness gets him in trouble with his mother on one particularly bad day.

I Just Want My Pants Back

Many, many e-mails and text messages later, he is unable to reconnect with her and is reduced to the plaint “I just want my pants back.” How he does, in a most unexpected way, find those pants, and how maturity and mortality come to …

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